Government Schools Are Bad for Your Kids

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Our own James Ostrowski‘s new book Government Schools Are Bad for Your Kids is outstanding.

Now in this book for a popular audience, you have the best arguments against government schools in one place. Ostrowski explains where government schools came from, why we have them, and especially how much harm they do to children.

As a fellow lawyer, I appreciated how the book makes its case powerfully, as a great lawyer would. The book’s thesis is that government schools are bad for your kids, and each chapter backs this up — for example, one chapter reveals how government schools are overrun with crime, another describes how poor (or non-existent) the education is, another explains how the schools indoctrinate children in government-worship.

It’s just packed with great stuff, and definitely something to share with anyone who is on the fence about whether we need government schools, or especially whether they should send their own children to them.

2:12 pm on January 1, 2010