Further Discussion of S.2277 (“to prevent further Russian aggression, etc.”

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The Russians are well aware of this bill. There is an article on The Voice of Russia, dated June 5, that discusses this bill in detail. (UPDATE: I completely forgot that I wrote a lengthy blog on this bill on May 5.)

Further detailed discussion appears in a May 26 article by Global Research. Each of the many alarming sections of this monstrous bill are examined in this article.

This web site is very good at ferreting out imperialist connections. In the case of this bill, there are clear connections among its main sponsors (Corker and McCain) and Ukrainian oligarchs. Without discussing these here, I’ll only mention that the imperialism of this bill shows through even in the bill itself which has a number of explicit crony capitalist sections on gas and oil development in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. The bill directs the U.S. Agency for International Development to guarantee loans for every phase of the development of oil and gas in these regions:

“…direct assistance to expand efforts in Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova to help exploit existing natural gas reserves, to conduct additional exploration for oil and gas, and to develop alternative sources of energy, including oil and gas, and to encourage energy efficiency, for Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova, including the development of associated transportation, storage, and refinement facilities.”

There is nothing like installing your own puppets in a foreign government, then underwriting loans to the local oligarchs and American favorites to develop the oil and gas business, while trying to freeze out Russian companies, and then sitting back and raking in the payoffs and profits. Domestically, similar methods are a proven way of doing business within America.

1:05 pm on July 25, 2014