Firebombing Denver instead of Dresden?

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Mike, there’s also the vengeance an infuriated world wreaked on Germany for causing WWI. Ditto the horrors the Allies smugly inflicted during and after WWII – a conflict for which they once again blamed the German people as much as their government. Which ought to worry all of us, given the Feds’ striving to emulate Adolf et al.

What might other countries do to us as Our Rulers continue spending money they (and we) don’t have while stretching thin their lethal but ultimately limited and therefore fallible armies? And at what point will surveilled, plundered, regulated, tyrannized Americans rise up against their – and the world’s – execrable oppressors? What misery Germans would have saved themselves if they had defied Hitler in 1936 or ’37! Instead, aside from a few incredibly brave dissidents, they waited for the rest of mankind to chastise him – and them.

10:32 am on August 28, 2013