Escaping Jury Conscription

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Writes David:

I think you may enjoy this one. I appeared for a grand jury summons yesterday in Suffolk County Criminal Court, which means a minimum of four weeks serving the state (county). When it was my turn to speak with an administrator to explain why I was unable/unwilling to serve, I provided the following explanation:

I’m gravely concerned for my safety here. I feel that being required to spend the next four weeks in a building where dozens of individuals are carrying loaded hand guns is unreasonable and I’m unwilling to participate.

There was a little more back and forth to the conversation, but that was the gist of it, and I was excused from serving.

UPDATE from Kevin B. Selby:

Actually…there’s another VERY effective way of getting off of the jury pool AND spreading a little education on nullification. I’ll admit that the first time I tried it I wasn’t as “polished” as I could be, but it goes something like this:

When they put you up in the chairs (don’t YOU feel important!), and the two sides begin asking questions…YOU ask the question (and this should be word-smithed better…but you get the idea):

“Does this court support the idea of jury nullification wherein the jury votes to acquit because the law itself is bad? In other words, no matter what the human in the black robe tells us to do are we indeed free to determine FOR OURSELVES that the law is bad and thus there is no victim and thus the accused can go free (and thus the law is of no effect)?”

Last time I had jury duty, when I asked the court/attorney’s a simpler version of the above I got some mumbling about “…well…you’re talking about a …and that won’t work….and you have to obey the rules given you by the judge and…and…and….”. You get the picture. I was PROMPTLY removed and got to go home. I wish I would have worded it better so that the other hapless folks could get a glimmer of what I was talking about. Ooh…and the case was about drugs too…so bonus points.

Love what you guys and gals are doing. Keep up the great work.

12:05 pm on November 5, 2013