Egypt’s Phony ‘Muslim Brotherhood Threat’

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Seems the Muslim Brotherhood bogeyman in Egypt is, as most of what we get from the mainstream media reporting, a big “perception management” operation. US government fears of a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the Middle East are for the consumption of mainstream media watchers only. In fact much of the Brotherhood is a clever proxy for US and Western interests in Egypt and Syria as well.

Just as Serb “nationalist” Kostunica was the perfect NWO candidate because he was sold as critical of the West who had just bombed his country but in reality never seriously challenged Western imperialist designs on his country, so too is new president of Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mohammed Mursi.

Normally I run as fast as I can the other way from a WND report, but in this case the website makes an unintentionally helpful and revealing find: The new Egyptian president’s wife reportedly served in the women’s division of the Muslim Brotherhood alongside Saleha Mahmood Abedin, the mother of Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, the long-suffering Huma. Poor Huma, we recall, is the wife of former US Representative Anthony Weiner, who provided those of us with a taste for the vulgar plenty of entertainment reading of his special ability to connect with his fans and constituents.

Of course due to the nature of the website for which many of us use an altered and rather rude translation of the acronym, this information is presented as evidence of the secret Muslim extremist ties of the “leftist” Hillary and her boss, the crypto-Muslim Obama. In fact it demonstrates the opposite. The amazingly shrinking useful idiots such as the NED-created and supported April 6 Movement and the others who led the color revolution that toppled Mubarak — and in fact their ultimate endorsement(!!!) of the “anti-Western” Muslim Brotherhood — simply complete the circle on the cruel joke that was the US-concocted “Arab Spring.”

As the Land Destroyer blog points out this week:

“Pro-democracy” movements, particularly the April 6 youth movement, trained, funded, and equipped by the US State Department, serve the sole purpose of giving the Muslim Brotherhood’s installation into power a spin of “legitimacy” where otherwise none exists. Those within these “pro-democracy” movements with legitimate intentions will be inevitably disappointed if not entirely thrown under the wheels of Western machinations as regional war aimed at destroying Iran, Syria, and Lebanon’s Hezbollah arch of influence slowly unfolds.

…Despite the Brotherhood’s lofty rhetoric, it has from its inception been a key proliferator of Western foreign policy. Currently, the Syrian arm of the Muslim Brotherhood has been involved heavily, leading in fact, the US, Israeli, Saudi, and Qatari-backed sectarian violence that has been ravaging Syria for over a year.

LD also reminds us that none other than investigative reporter extraordinaire, Seymour Hersh, wrote back in 2007 of the US alliance with Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy the Shiites who are viewed as apostates to be crushed — and geopolitical competitors — by the Sunni Saudis. Quoting Vali Nasr, an expert on Shiites, Iran, and Iraq, Hersh reports:

“The Saudis have considerable financial means, and have deep relations with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis”—Sunni extremists who view Shiites as apostates. “The last time Iran was a threat, the Saudis were able to mobilize the worst kinds of Islamic radicals. Once you get them out of the box, you can’t put them back.”

Does that not sound familiar, particularly as we ponder the still unsolved grisly massacres occurring across Syria that are being conveniently but without solid evidence blamed on the Assad government?

The lesson is do not believe what you read — or as the wise citizens of the former Soviet bloc did, believe the opposite of what the government and its controlled media tells you. Does anyone really believe the Pentagon’s billion dollar propaganda budget is only geared to trick the “other people”? The Muslim Brotherhood as an enemy of US foreign policy is a propaganda campaign and we are the target. In fact they are a but a barking dog who after a fuss does as his master orders.

7:25 pm on June 25, 2012