Are They Brave?

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Is a member of the Mafia brave when he goes into the territory of another Mafia family and kills for his godfather? Is a member of a street gang brave when he goes into the territory of another gang and kills a rival gang member? Is a hitman brave when he secretly stalks his victim for weeks and then kills him? Is a burglar brave for breaking into a house to steal when the occupants are asleep? Is an armed robber brave when he walks into a bank or store–in full view of security cameras–and demands cash?

Then why is a U.S. soldier considered to be brave, as I was told today in response to my article “Are U.S. Soldiers Really This Dumb?,” because he gets on a plane to go to fight an admittedly unjust war in Iraq or Afghanistan?

If they are brave, then the others I mentioned are just as brave.

Just a thought. And don’t forget the brave 9/11 hijackers.

3:25 pm on October 2, 2013