Was Brittany Murphy’s Death A Murder? I Smelled the Same Cover-up Odor While Investigating Andrew Breitbart’s Death!

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Los Angeles, CA—Are operatives in our government murdering citizens questioning the subversive activities of public officials?

Has Los Angeles County Coroner death investigation shortcuts covered up murder?

Under the Obama Administration some terrible and ominous things have been happening that the mainstream media has ignored.  Obama has given himself absolute power over Americans by suspending The Bill of Rights in connection with wiretapping, surveillance, searches, secret detention, due process and even the power to kill Americans.

It may take more than a decade to sort out the legal challenges to these actions but in the meantime this tyranny seems unstoppable. Additionally Homeland security has purchased millions of rounds of small arms ammunition for use inside the USA we can only presume for use on citizens.

Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, 43 tried to warn anyone who would listen and at the height of his influence suddenly died on March 1, 2012 after drinking a small amount of wine at the Brentwood Inn.  The coroner’s report claimed a heart attack killed Breitbart.

I interviewed an eyewitness, Chris Lasseter twice on Breitbart’s death the first time was on the day after this death.  Lasseter told me enough information to convince me poison may have been involved. That witness described Breitbart’s face to be bright red.  As a former US Army medical corpsman I learned first hand that heart attack victims become cyanotic where their skin usually turns blue not red!  No pun intended here, this was a huge red flag of heavy metal poisoning.

Coincidently a forensic photographer working for the Coroner’s office died from poisoning contemporaneously with Breitbart’s autopsy.  Did that worker die as a result of contamination by powerful toxins released during that post mortem examination? A coroner’s office spokesperson later told me that the employee was not in anyway involved with the Breitbart case.  Was that assertion the truth I wonder?

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