Woman Arrested for NOT Wanting To Drive Drunk

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An Englishwoman was arrested for sleeping in her car. (I know—to the gallows for this heinous non-crime.) She was then detained for not wanting to take an alcohol breath test. Do you think that there’s a good possibility that she was sleeping in her car because she might have been tired because she may have had an alcoholic beverage and, therefore, decided to sleep it off? To add injury to insult, she was then brutally shoved into a prison cell by a government thug (more commonly referred to by the oxymoron “peace officer”). His government “service” that he provided her was caught on surveillance tape.

Amazingly, the government thug was actually convicted of assault (now I’m surprised). What I’ve always wondered about is why people are arrested for pulling over in order to sleep in their cars? Considering that driver fatigue is the number two cause of auto accidents (driving under the influence is number three),  you would think that this would be a responsible thing to do. It’s sort of “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” All I can say is, “Damn government.”

[Thanks to an LRC reader for the original article]

10:38 am on September 5, 2010