Who Are the Pro-Russian Separatists?

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From the U.S. government, we get one story, which is that they are, at least partly, men sent from Russia by Russian authorities who are leading, aiding and stirring up men from eastern Ukraine. It is this story that Washington is peddling when it holds Russia responsible for failing to get the municipal buildings emptied of separatists. And it’s this story that’s the basis of new sanctions that Washington seems anxious to impose. There is no published evidence out of Washington to support this story.

On the other hand, Time Magazine has a story gotten on the ground in eastern Ukraine, and this story very clearly states that Russian agents and aid are not present in eastern Ukraine. This important news story discredits what Kiev is claiming.

In this case, I believe Time Magazine’s account, because it contains actual interviews with separatists and what they are saying rings true while Washington provides no evidence and has an obvious agenda in Ukraine. Furthermore, every statement being made by Yatsenyuk and his cohort has sounded to me extremely self-serving and anxious to garner U.S. support and aid. His latest outrageous statement was that Russia wants to start World War III. If he ever had it, it seems to me that Yats has lost it.

2:37 pm on April 25, 2014