Warning: The Laughter Could Be Terminal

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The vast majority of Department of Homeland Security employees would continue to work under a government shutdown because their functions ‘must be maintained under all circumstances to ensure the safety and security of the nation and its citizens’…”

Whew!!!!!!! The delusions run deep here, don’t they? Yeah, the ole Homeland might disintegrate if a passenger boarded his flight without a sexual assault first. And think of all the laptops and iPods that would remain with their owners were the TSA’s goons not “ensuring the safety and security of the nation and its citizens.”

Meanwhile, the bureaucracy at the DHS with the most sponges remaining on the dole-sorry, job during any shutdown will be “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.” I like that: “Services.” As if they’re actually giving eager customers something of value instead of chasing exhausted Mexican families through the desert. Always count on the Feds for truth in labeling.

And all those bloodsucking thugs and bullies will continue to draw paychecks because “USCIS is largely a fee-funded agency, with nearly 95-percent of its annual budget comprised of the fees individuals pay to request immigration services and benefits…” Yes, indeedy. Immigrants exercise their inalienable, God-given right to move freely over imaginary lines on the ground with a few dollars to their names, often speaking broken if any English, desperately hunting employment. And yet the bloated behemoth in DC robs them of their pittance by forcing them to “request immigration services and benefits.”

I never want to doubt the Almighty, but I do hope He’s made Hell hot enough for these unconscionable thieves.

9:59 pm on September 30, 2013