US: Hailing Failures as Great Successes

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Yesterday I participated in a “video bridge” mini-conference with professors from Moscow State University and Moscow’s State University–Higher School of Economics, along with a former CATO scholar. The topic was “Ukraine: Is there a chance for de-escalation?”

As the fruits of the US interventionists continue to rot everywhere they are planted, I am afraid my critique was rather more pointed than my academic colleagues. But I did like the title given an article about the conference by one news organization present: “ANALYSIS: US Misinterprets Foreign Policy Failures As Great Success.”

I enjoyed this part:

“The US, it pains me to say, is like a drunk on a ten year bender with alcohol. Everything it has touched so far has been a disaster,” McAdams told RIA Novosti during a video conference between Washington and Moscow on Tuesday.

With the fall of Mosul yesterday, counting US foreign policy failures is becoming a full-time job…

8:49 am on June 11, 2014