US Bombing Syrian Chemical Weapons Stockpiles Will Kill Many Thousands

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The Obama Adminsitration is reportedly planning a cruise missile attack on what it believes are the Syrian government’s chemical weapons stockpiles. This is said to be in retaliation for what it claims is a Syrian government chemical attack in which as few as 300 or less were killed. 

The US bombing of Syrian chemical weapons stores is said to be logistically all but impossible, and, more importantly would risk a mass-disbursement of deadly chemicals that could kill thousands upon thousands of Syrian civilians who happen to live in proximity. Those not killed by the chemicals released by US bombs would probably already be dead by the bombs themselves.

Tomahawk missiles are enormous, thousand-pound bombs. Are we expected to believe that there will be no collateral damage? 

To punish Assad for what it claims (with no evidence) is the killing of a couple of hundred civilians, the US is planning a strike that could kill tens of thousands of civilians. 

One is a war crime and the other is not?

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3:50 pm on August 27, 2013