Thomas Fleming Agrees With Murray Rothbard on the Cause of the Civil War

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In his new book entitled A Disease of the Public Mind the renowned historian Thomas Fleming discusses the main cause of the American “Civil War” in the same way that Clyde Wilson, Murray Rothbard, Donald Livingston, and others have been describing it for many years.  These latter authors have been dismissed and smeared as “Neo-Confederates” by the self-appointed gatekeepers of ALL THAT IS HISTORICALLY TRUE.  The gatekeepers will not be able to libel Thomas Fleming in that way.

It was the “abolitonists” of the North who rejected peaceful emancipation in the Southern states despite the fact that that is how slavery was ended in THEIR states, and in all other countries of the world where slavery existed in the nineteenth century, writes Thomas Fleming.  It was not stubborn and evil Southern plantation owners, as the Official History contends (always without a single quotation or any evidence).  “The best people of the North showered praise on a fanatic [John Brown, who had already murdered women and children in Kansas] who believed that ‘without the emission of blood, there is no foregiveness for sin.'”  Ralph Waldo Emerson, the poetic voice of New England, announced that, compared to John Brown, Jesus Christ was a “dead factor,” writes Fleming.  The governor of Massachusetts was just as crazed, declaring that the South “must be conquered” even if “it costs a million lives.”  These fanatics who had rejected Jesus Christ in favor of an insane mass murderer of women and children believed that THEY could not go to heaven unless Southerners were first mass murdered to atone for THEIR sins.  It had nothing to do with sympathy for the slaves.

10:26 am on July 7, 2013