There Is Plenty Wrong With Putin

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He is, after all, a politician and a head of state. But his NYT op-ed is better than anything to come out of the White House in some time. And he is right, though he is a nationalist himself, about how the world views American exceptionalism. This is the doctrine that the rules that apply to others, and are brutally enforced by the US on others, do not apply to the US. According to this notion, the US has the right to rule the world, and to attack anyone anywhere in pursuit of that goal, using any weapon, including depleted uranium, white phosphorous, agent orange, napalm, mass starvation, etc. Not to speak of atomic bombs.

I enjoyed it the other day when Putin was called “the leader of the free world.” Well, of course, that is Ron Paul. But the Putin of today may have a better claim to the title than Obama.

9:24 am on September 12, 2013