The Wisdom of the Mindless

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It comes as no surprise that, immediately following the drug-induced death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, defenders of the established order began exploiting this tragedy by calling for a reinforcement of the drug war. A celebrity has died from a drug overdose, and the chorus of the establishment faithful reacts: “oh, oh, oh, we must continue to ban drugs, and prosecute those who sell them as well.”  It is the same knee-jerk response that follows a shooting at a high school: “oh, oh, oh, we must continue to control guns, and prosecute those who sell them as well.”

When some troubled soul uses his car to commit suicide – and, perhaps, take a few unrelated victims in the process – I do not hear members of the MSM or academia bleating “oh, oh, oh, we must ban the use of automobiles; they are too dangerous.”  And when  the government acknowledges that more soldiers die from suicide than from combat, I do not see any of the statist faithful racing to the podium to declare “we must stop this deadly war system.”

It is the role of the MSM – along with much of academia – to help perpetuate and reinforce a public mindset that will cause people to insist upon having the corporate-state design and operate the controls that will keep modern society functioning just as it is at present, and to repress any voices that deny this to be “the best of all possible worlds.” Drugs and guns in the hands of private individuals do not serve the interest of the rulers – and may, in fact, be a threat to the arbitrariness of state power. Drugs that can be used to control people – from childhood on up – and guns in the hands of the police and military agents of the state are not to be taken away.

Nor is any questioning of the dispirited and dehumanizing nature of the state supervision of life to be permitted. That most school shootings have been carried out by young men who have been under the influence of prescribed behavior-modifying drugs is to be dismissed as an irrelevant coincidence. Might such violent reactions have their origins in the state’s insistence on conditioning people to be content in their assigned servo-mechanistic roles? Might the soldiers who have taken to killing themselves be unwilling to continue living with the anti-life, self-destructive, and sadistic character of what they have become, and see no other way to end their spiritual pain than to end their lives?  Such is the utter sadness of the soldier, who was not loved enough by those around him to keep him out of the hands of the state’s abattoir.

Of course, the state and its well-paid MSM and academic apologists will have a self-serving response for this war against the young: legal drugs – sold at monopolistic prices by Big-Pharma – will be made available to cover up the symptoms of what statism has made of us all. But only state-approved drugs will qualify: those who sell illegal drugs will be hunted down and blamed for the deaths of people who were unable to find less-destructive means of rediscovering their souls. Such enforcement will, of course, be carried out by those members of the police establishment who are content with their robotic conditioning and who, consequently, can be trusted with the use of guns!

12:26 pm on February 3, 2014