The Ukrainian Happy-Talk Agreement

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Writes Jack D. Douglas:

Have I suddenly awakened in Cloudopolis or The Garden of Eden or in Heaven itself?

The Western-ballyhooed “Geneva Agreement on the Ukrainian Crisis” is on its face nothing but U.S.-Kiev demands and pipe-dreams. It supposedly ends the threat of Civil War in the Ukraine, which is already raging with U.S,-Kiev armored forces encircling and attacking Eastern Ukrainian civilian protesters who have seized and barricade all of the major government buildings in the major cities in the East. The “Agreement” says nothing about those attacking tanks and helicopter gun ships withdrawing and disarming, nothing about how the Agreements are to be carried out and enforced, nothing about the growing chaos and financial catastrophe of the Ukrainian Junta, nothing about protecting the Russian gas lines to the E.U. from U.S. and Kiev saboteurs, nothing much about anything in the real world.

This sounds like an introductory poem of ecstatic hopes written in magical surrealism mode by the ghost of Gabriel Marquez.

I think it’s one of those Media Happy Talk Agreements which everyone involved felt the need to agree with to avoid looking like a killjoy to the great ignorati back home.

It’s possible that the Media Talk is just the SOP blah-blah, but real, hard agreements were made in top secret. The Junta said this Monday they might be willing to hold a referendum in the East on a loose federation constitution and allow the East to be free of Kiev.

Or maybe this is a total surrender by the Russians who have massive forces that can encircle  the Junta in hours?

There are all kinds of maybes you can dream up, but they are not very useful.

It is almost universal these days in civil wars covered by the global media to have happy agreements on peace and all good things repeatedly, especially in the early days of the wars. This could just be that and nothing more. Then when the war escalates, the enemies charge each other for violating agreements and so on and on….

Or it could be what Larry Beilenson, a brilliant friend of mine many years ago, called THE TREATY TRAP, a solemn agreement that one or both sides is using to try to deceive the other into making a stupid mistake so they can be defeated more easily.

But I don’t think so. That would require some trust on the part of the doltish victim.

These sides totally distrust each other and keep saying so and showing it in their actions.

If you lived in Donetsk, would you trust the U.S.-Kiev armored forces threatening to annihilate you and lie down your weapons and turn yourself in for public hanging in Kiev?

It’s possible the Russians would give the pro-Russian civilians iron-clad promises that this will not happen, but I don’t think the Russians want to get that involved unless they have to as a last resort to stop a U.S.-Kiev Slaughter. I also think Putin knows this is all just Happy Talk.

I think it’s all just Media Happy Talk, just like all of the promises made by U.S. presidents to the vast ignorati who don’t remember their vast betrayals of almost all the earlier promises.

4:01 pm on April 18, 2014