The Rage for ‘Social Justice’

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Earl Warren was the most political chief justice since John Jay. I remember hearing him say that he decided cases not on the basis of the Constitution but by asking, “Is it fair?”

That’s not his job, but ours — and, within narrow constitutional confines, the Congress’s. But my own Catholic Church, like many other institutions, is prey to materialists who seek to use the church’s authority to push their left-wing political agendas. They are best recognized by their religious avoidance of politically incorrect moral truths that the church actually teaches.

For this crowd, Social Justice, a.k.a. “fairness,” means little more than preaching envy. Rooted in “Liberation Theology” and “Marxism with a Christian Face” (read: with a sly wink), its aroma nonetheless intoxicates the mediocracy, which always seeks comfortable platitudes to mask its political agenda.

For an antidote, I recommend this little thought piece on the subject. There’s a lot more, to be sure, but one should be no more intimidated by the left’s pious invocation of “social justice” than by a Robin Hood who’s trying to hijack your car.

UPDATE: Some readers applaud the original Robin Hood for taking the tax man’s ill-gotten gains and returning them to the people. Noted. The folks I describe are self-styled Robin Hoods. They heap upon themselves moral plaudits for their generosity with other people’s money, and for their character as they slime hard-working Americans who earn their own money and believe in giving it to the needy voluntarily, instead of at the point of a government gun blessed by the Christian Left.  Of course, voluntary charity goes directly to the needy 100%, instead of getting ripped off by layers of bureaucracy before it is distributed to government favorites and hangers-on.

10:56 am on October 21, 2010