The F-Bomb-Dropping Marxist Pope . . .

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. . . apparently did use what sounds like vulgar language in his latest ignorant condemnation of capitalism, something he seems to be obsessed with.  It’s looks like a slip of the tongue, which Italians, especially, have had a good laugh at.  The really offensive thing, however, is the pope’s constant repetition of the hoary Marxist notion that successful business people only benefit themselves while harming “the poor.”  He (and his fellow Jesuits) apparently believes that say, Steve Jobs, only benefited himself by co-founding Apple Computer.  No customers ever benefited, nor did the hundreds of thousands of people who now work for Apple, nor did any of the company’s suppliers, the recipients of charitable donations by Apple, or anyone else.  This pope has even criticized charity that comes from corporations because of the fundamental belief of the Luntic Left of the Catholic church (i.e., the Jesuits) that capitalism is a sin.

In my experience, most of the modern-day Jesuits, especially the ones from South America, are really nothing more than Marxist ideologues hiding behind priests’ collars.  As such they are, by definition, moral and intellectual frauds.  (What could be more immoral than supporting an ideology that “justified” the murder of hundreds of millions and the enslavement of millions more during the twentieth century?).  Calling it “social justice” does not make it any less of a moral atrocity.

7:26 pm on March 3, 2014