The Empire Assimilates Libya

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The Department of Homeland Security, under the prodding of State and Defense, is considering training Libyans in America in the aviation and nuclear fields. The DHS official gave the usual boilerplate reasons: democracy, stability, and stronger government in Libya. He pictured the U.S. government as altruistic: “The United States supports the aspirations of the Libyan people as they participate in their democratic transition…”

What this is really about may be control of the several tons of yellowcake uranium in Libya and the tons of surface-to-air missiles; al-Qaeda affiliates in Libya; Libya’s oil; Libya’s militias. The U.S. wants some kind of an allied force in Libya that is composed of Libyans. This is really part of the growing U.S. Raj in Africa, clearly signalled by USAFRICOM.

Colonialism is back. The participation of European countries is back. The competition for African resources is back, this time in competition with China. Imperialism never left.

4:15 pm on October 28, 2013