The “Christian Bush” Just Keeps On Giving

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David Stockman looks back in history (a move forbidden by the Neocons, who prefer to make it up) to sift through the preambles to the chaos in the Middle East.

Republicans strut and swagger. THEY’RE better than Obama!

Well, if they had a brain, they would get the Bush monkey off their back right now. But they’re wallowing in cash from the war profiteers, so that ain’t-a-gonna happen.

Bush was the lazy, (recovering) alcoholic son of an accomplished father. He could talk humble as a candidate, but “humility” just doesn’t cut it for Mount Rushmore.

Cheney knew that Bush wanted to act like a muscular bully in order to have a “legacy” of his own.

And he got it. Christianity in the Middle East is now destroyed — something Mohammedans haven’t been able to do for 1500 years, says Patriarch Sako of Mosul, Iraq.

The “Christian Bush” now cowers in disgrace as his war plays out.

The poor sap.

Meanwhile, Cheney snarls, the war profiteers plunder us, and the world collapses.

These monsters will never admit they were wrong, and they will never, EVER apologize.

11:51 am on August 9, 2014