“Tell Me Again, Why Did My Friends Die in Iraq?”

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Former Marine Sgt. Paul Szoldra, who runs the satirical  military news site called The Duffel Blog, is being serious when he writes here: “Tell Me Again, Why Did My Friends Die In Iraq?” He concludes: “The only reason they died was for the man or woman beside them. They died for their friends. I’m just not satisfied with that.”

But, I should add, they did not have to die for anyone beside them. They never had to go to Iraq in the first place. The invasion and occupation of Iraq was immoral, unjust, and completely unnecessary. There are 4,448 men and women who should be alive right now and tens of thousands of men and women who should not be injured. I, an opponent of unjust foreign wars (aren’t they all?) and the militarization of America who doesn’t “support the troops,” care more about the troops than those who want to send them to fight senseless wars or say that the troops are defending our freedoms.

3:04 pm on January 8, 2014