Talking Tom Woods…

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It’s funny that Secretary of State John Kerry dropped everything to rush to Geneva as the P5+1 talks between the US/allies and Iran seemed to be moving inevitably toward a breakthrough agreement. Then Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s teeth-gnashing became deafening and French foreign minister Laurent Fabius carried his water to scuttle the agreement, tossing in demands that the Iranians cease construction on the Arak heavy water reactor among other impossible demands.

The US Congress is poised this week to intensify its subservience to the war party and its Israeli and Saudi chapters by passing new sanctions on Iran — their way of tossing an IED into the negotiating room.

I was really happy and privileged to join Tom Woods yesterday to discuss the latest on Iran and related issues like Syria. If you like, please listen to the Tom Woods Show to hear more.

7:04 pm on November 12, 2013