Ron Paul Channel — What a Blast!

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Yesterday’s launch of the Ron Paul Channel was everything I hoped it would be! It was funny, inspiring, informative, and most of all it was unique. It was really the Ron Paul show.

Without a doubt in that short half hour he covered more topics than a month’s worth of mainstream media newscasts, which are nothing but fluff anyway. Drones, Yemen, the drug war, Snowden, a Glenn Greenwald interview — it was almost dizzying!

OK, I will admit I am biased. I have worked for Dr. Paul for more than a decade so it’s no surprise I am enthusiastic about this new venture. But as fun — and triumphant — as it was to see him deliver a statement or speech on the House Floor or even speak at a high-energy political rally, this is like nothing we have seen before. It is a whole new horizon not just for him, but for everyone interested in spreading the ideas of peace and liberty.

For most of us, the mainstream media — be it print or broadcast — just does not work. We struggle to get informed and keep informed and it is mind-numbing to watch and read the dumbed-down pablum fed to the masses. Like me, millions are just turning it all off. So this was made for us.

Infuriatingly, we have seen some whining from what Tom Woods so aptly calls the libertarian moochers over the fact that there is a subscription fee to access the Ron Paul Channel. Do people think that television studios and equipment and producers and researchers, etc. grow on trees? That a news source not beholden to the usual military industrial complex related big advertisers should be sustained by pixie dust somehow? The idea that paying the equivalent of one six-pack of beer — two McValue meals — per month to enjoy and support this unique and valuable venture is just too outrageous? Really? It should be free?

Thankfully this is a loud but tiny minority.

Like me, I am sure most LRC readers are charter subscribers, but those who are not do not know what they are missing. Subscribing is really easy, too. Don’t miss an episode! (And tell a friend).

1:52 pm on August 13, 2013