Privatization of Roads and Highways

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(January 26, 2009)

The Federalist Society at the University of Tennessee College of Law hosted a panel discussion where I advocated for the privatization of roads and highways. I present two cases: the moral and the economic. The moral case examines the voluntary exchanges of the market and the involuntary exchange of political action or robbery (guess which one I support!). The case for economics deals with the fundamental cause of the many deaths on the government roads and highways. This cause is management, and without profit and loss incentives, the government managers will continue to fail in mitigating the costs to human life on the highways. Later in the video I address many questions and criticism against the free market for roads and highways.

If the video captivated your interest, then you’re in luck! My book, Privatization of Roads and Highways, can be purchased at, or you can get the free PDF here.

4:42 pm on October 26, 2012