Predation, Never Protection

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Most minarchists, libertarians, and small-Leviathan types agree that safeguarding taxpayers from crime is among government’s few legitimate duties. But LRC’s readers apparently conspired this weekend to prove that far from protecting us, police prey on us. I received numerous links to articles showing what sleazy degenerates cops are – another reason in a terrifically long line of ‘em for lovers of liberty to quit demanding “limited government” (what a contradiction in terms!) and embrace anarcho-capitalism.

One friend sent an expose from USA Today with the headline, “FBI allowed informants to commit 5,600 crimes” (actually, 5658 crimes in a single year) and a lede that concludes, “…newly disclosed documents … show just how often the nation’s top law enforcement agency enlists criminals to help it battle crime.” Well, why not? Nothing separating that “top law enforcement agency” from the “criminals” but a badge and some terminology.

“Agents authorized 15 crimes a day on average,” the report continues, “including everything from buying and selling illegal drugs to bribing government officials and plotting robberies. FBI officials have said in the past that permitting their informants — who are often criminals themselves — to break the law is an indispensable, if sometimes distasteful, part of investigating criminal organizations.” “Distasteful.” Yeah, breaking kneecaps and slicing throats with Whitey Bulger can dampen the ole appetite for lunch. 

But empowering private criminals doesn’t exhaust the FBI’s waste of our money. Mark Luedtke sent me more news of the agency’s skullduggery: it’s also “mov[ing] to surveillance tactics associated more with underworld of computer hacking.” Ergo, it “has increased its use of court-ordered hacking tools to keep pace with suspects who have learned to communicate in ways that cannot be wiretapped, which law-enforcement [sic for ‘law-breaking’] officials call ‘going dark.’” Naturally, “a spokeswoman for the FBI declined to comment.” But “a former U.S. official … [said] that some of the technology allows the FBI to remotely activate the microphones in phones running on Google Inc.’s Android software to record conversations. Some the hacking tools were purportedly developed internally while others were bought from the private sector.”

Tell me again why supposedly free people pay for an FBI. Isn’t it past time to abolish this incredibly expensive nest of murderers, thieves, liars, and accomplices of free-lance criminals? Gracious, there’s enough mayhem out there without Our Rulers’ buying more. These sociopaths belong on trial and in cages far more than the honest criminals with whom they consort, the ruffians who never pretend they’re thieving from, defrauding or slaughtering us for our own good.

I had no sooner finished reading about the FBI’s crime-spree than I opened an email from Steve Cross to learn that “Texas state troopers caught on camera probing women’s privates aren’t isolated incidents...” You may recall that last year, one of Texas’s uniformed deviants stopped a car because, he claimed, the two women inside it tossed a cigarette-butt out the window. Said deviant called for a fellow but female pervert to digitally rape both victims. Which she did there on the highway’s shoulder in full view of oncoming vehicles. Nor did she change her gynecological glove between ladies.

Turns out this “cavity search” during a “traffic stop” is a state-wide atrocity in Texas. In fact, the account of another such assault chilled me even more than the preceding one, if that’s possible, because cops forced the victims’ family to watch. Again, one of Texas’ finest pulled two women over, this time allegedly for speeding. They were traveling in a separate car ahead of the one holding their relatives. The driver of the second vehicle pulled over, too, when cops stopped the first one; these serfs not only watched as the goons raped their loved ones but heard the women’s screams as well. Imagine sitting there helpless as the State’s bullies violate your sister, wife or daughter. Prima noctis, anyone?

Meanwhile, Leviathan is nothing if not ironic: the motto of the Texas Department of Public Safety is “Courtesy. Service. Protection.” And the abuse is spreading across the USSA: “in Florida a … woman claimed she was given a cavity search on the roadside; in Milwaukee, police were disciplined after 2012 reports surfaced that eight cops had conducted genital searches on arrested suspects without the legal authority to do so.”

As with the FBI, why do we tolerate these roving rapists? Why do we not abolish the various states’ “highway patrols”? Yet if you mention so sensible an idea among the sheeple, they shamefully whine, “But we need police to protect us.”

From what?

10:09 am on August 5, 2013