Pavlovian Boys

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Writes a friend:

Yesterday, my family and I were in attendance to watch my eldest cousin play a fall baseball league inter-squad scrimmage game.  He was scouted out of high school and had just enrolled in a small, liberal arts college at the beginning of the month.  As they were finishing up, on the adjacent field, the girls’ soccer team was getting ready to begin a match when the “national” anthem came on the speakers.  Now, there is no ground crew for the baseball field, so the boys had to rake the infield and bring out the tarps themselves, but as the tune blasted out of the PA, they stopped dead in their tracks, dropped what they were doing, and faced the other field lowering their hats as you are supposed to do, for whatever reason.  The very small crowd in attendance also did the same save for me and my mother, who was incredibly vocal in her opposition.  Good for her. Anyway, I was stunned by all of this; the boys all behaved like robots or Pavlovian dogs.  And for another game taking place on another field.  I expected they would want to get their chores done so they could get back to their dorms, clean up, and head out for Saturday night, as young men are want to do.  No, mindless obedience.  It was truly bizarre and frightening. Cheers and keep up the fight,

2:13 pm on September 15, 2013