On Shooting Down Airliners

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Tom: The statists are so desperate to rehabilitate their dead horse that they will exploit every disaster. The AlGorythmic at NASA who suggested, a few years back, that aliens from another solar system might attack and seek to destroy Earth for failing to abide by Gore’s “climate change” directives, might be offering today’s downing of the Malaysian airliner as evidence the attack is underway. The NASA seer might even explain the missing Malaysian Flight 370 mystery as a warning shot taken against us Earthlings.

The erstwhile CIA official who was so quick to blame the loss of today’s Malaysian airliner on Ukranian separatists might inform us how – and by whom – he was so quickly able to get his theory on air at CBS News. Will we next be told that these separatists have “weapons of mass destruction” with which to carry out their murderous deeds? For those who, like the late George Carlin, prefer to engage in that “moronic thing” called “thinking,” the possibilities that the plane crashed due to weather, mechanical functions, etc., should be examined. So, too, should intelligent minds consider this to be a possible “false flag” operation. For anyone unfamiliar with how the U.S. government might – the word is “might” – script out such an occurrence, resort might be had to a plan generated by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the early 1960s to fake the shooting down of an American passenger jet by fake Cuban fighter-planes. Google “Operation Northwoods” and see what lengthy documented details appear!

5:15 pm on July 17, 2014