Marketing to Boobus Americanus

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H.L. Mencken used the phrase Boobus Americanus to describe, well, ignorant boobs who actually believed just about every lie told to them by the state.  They keep voting for and thereby legitimizing the same old gang of crooks, conmen and clowns, year in and year out, as long as they have their Bud Light, wings, and mind-numbing, asinine television “reality” shows featuring young Hollywood millionaire females with large asses.

AOL “news” today demonstrates this point with its lead headline about how the daughter of the “rapper” known as “Eminem” was recently voted homecoming queen at her high school.  The second big headline, right behind that one, was about how today is the “international day of the girl.”  Meanwhile, the entire nation waits in suspense to learn who will be next to be kicked off “Dancing with the Stars.”


9:16 am on October 8, 2013