Libertarian Statism in WA

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In response to my article today, a reader writes about his experience at a recent Libertarian Party convention in Washington state:

Among meeting several statists at the recent Libertarian Party convention in my state, I got to listen to Judge Jim Gray speak. He said the party needs to “stop being a philosophical debate club” and just “needs to focus on running candidates”. But if you take philosophy out of libertarianism, what do we have left? I wasn’t too surprised to hear him declare later “America needs a strong military” but was astonished when he justified the invasion of Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries. For a minute I thought I had accidentally attended the Republican convention.

Gray is a former VP candidate for the LP. This is yet another reason why libertarian does not necessarily mean Libertarian Party.

Posted by permission.

4:22 pm on June 18, 2014