Laughing So Hard I’m Rolling on the Floor!

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It seems Our Rulers made a deal, or so they want us to believe, when passing Obummercare: Rethuglicans “proposed a requirement for lawmakers and aides to join the exchanges, and Democrats [sic for ‘the other wing of the One Party Ruling Us’] accepted it.” Nor do they believe they can repeal this unfortunate proviso: “The issue is politically charged because the White House and Congress are highly sensitive to any suggestion that lawmakers or their aides are getting special treatment under the health law.” Love it! Pssst, Tyrants: we serfs already know you get special treatment under every law, so your angst here is in vain. Which makes it all the more delicious!

At any rate, it’s now time to pay the piper, which the political class never does if it can possibly force us to do so instead. Ergo, fury abounds among Our Rulers as the deadline approaches for “members of Congress and thousands of their aides … to get their coverage through new state-based markets known as insurance exchanges.”

Indeed, though politicians aren’t about to relinquish their power and control for such a paltry concern, their aides are threatening to quit and find honest work for a change. Good! Tell me why idiots need an entourage of morons, and all of it at our expense. Let’s hope every one of these sponges leaves in high dudgeon so goons like Nancy “Wicked Witch of the West” Pelosi and John “Gosh, I’ve Spent Decades in Congress But I Never Realized the TSA Would Do What Bureaucracies Always Do and Metastasize into a Top-Heavy Agency” Mica can fetch their own coffee. With any luck, the Idiots will be so baffled trying to work the coffee machine they won’t have as much time to steal our few remaining freedoms.

Ah, but there’s good news for the Morons: “the Obama administration” – you know, the one that is about as truthful and competent as the Bush regime was – “is struggling to come up with a creative interpretation of the health care law that would allow the federal government to kick in for insurance as private employers do…” “Creative.” Wow, what a euphemism! I’d say the Morons better start mailing the ole resumes PDQ.

Meanwhile, “Democrats and some Republicans wish the issue would simply disappear.” Oh, don’t we all?

“Another House Democrat, speaking on condition of anonymity, said, ‘This was a stupid provision that never should have gotten into the law.’” Let me correct your misperception, Leech. It’s not the provision that’s stupid; indeed, it may be the only intelligent part of this entire boondoggle. Rather, it’s the law itself that’s jaw-droppingly, unconstitutionally stupid.

But what else would we expect from a congress of Idiots?

10:02 am on July 31, 2013