Is Tiger Woods Smarter Than Phil Mickelson?

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Pro golfer Phil Mickelson, who just won the British Open, will reportedly pay a 61% tax on his earnings, including 13 1/2 percent to the state of California.  (Medieval serfs paid “only” 40 percent).  He’s ranked as the #2 golfer in the world.  The #1 golfer, Tiger Woods, who is also a native Californian, lives in zero-income-tax Florida.  This increases Tiger’s income by 13 1/2 percent EVERY YEAR.

The last time Phil complained about tax theft the left-wing media, including ESPN, Sports Illustrated, etc. piled on him for daring to speak such politically-incorrect words.  But he seems to have finally wised up: His $7 million California house is on the market.

9:38 pm on July 25, 2013