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An American journalist, James Foley, was executed in Syria today by a gang of cutthroat thugs with which the war system always manages to infect decent people. This was reportedly done in retaliation for the current U.S. bombings in Iraq. President Obama went on national television to announce that he disapproved of such behavior, and that the wrongdoers would be brought to “justice” (trans.: we will continue bombing equally innocent men, women, and children in Iraq). If the president is truly sincere in ferreting out those who would kill people who risk their lives to inform members of the public of truth, he might begin by going after the nest of reptilian thugs in the hallowed halls of Washington, D.C.; those who declared that they would like to “put a bullet” in Ed Snowden’s head.

Update from Ferguson, Mo.: Attorney General Eric Holder flew into town for a photo-op at a greasy-sleeve where he chit-chatted with locals about events there.

On a brighter note from Ferguson, watch today’s episode of Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now.” She has a wonderful interview with 90 year-old Hedy Epstein, a beautiful woman born in Germany, and whose family moved to America in 1939. In three or four terse sentences, she manages to synthesize events in Ferguson with the Israeli treatment of Palestinians, the nature of the militarized police, and of our need to rediscover our sense of humanity. Perhaps Lew or Tom Woods could do a podcast with this lovely person!

6:59 pm on August 20, 2014