Homeland Studies

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Salt Lake Community College in Utah joins numerous other institutions of higher spending now offering an “associate of applied science [sic for ‘baloney’] (A.A.S.) degree in “Homeland Security and Emergency Management.” Yes. Seems there is a correct way to grope a victim while stealing his iPad, and by gum, the instructors are gonna learn rookies to do it right.

You won’t be surprised at this propaganda’s sponsors: “the Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration, the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake, various medical institutions and other regional agencies and employers.” What “employers,” I’d like to know.  This is nothing other than Our Rulers’ indoctrinating new Nazis. And there is precious little need of the brutality their “classrooms” extol outside government. So let’s dispense with the lies, OK? These wannabee goons will one day staff prisons, the militarized borders, anti-constitutional checkpoints on highways and at airports, concerts, etc., and cops’ murderous ranks. No “employers” figure among this totalitarian crew, only government.

“Dr. Christopher Picard, SLCC Provost,” genuflected before his political masters even as a bit of truth seeped into his spiel: “We are delighted with the Board of Regents’ decision to offer the Homeland Security, Emergency Management associate of science degree. This degree will prepare graduates for positions in the collaborative world of managing the nation’s security and emergency readiness.” “Collaborative,” huh? Yo, Chris: the word you’re hunting is “fascism.”

Chris continued: “The college is pleased to be able to help train professionals who will make our society safer.” Where to begin? Hmmm. Chris, you familiar with the distinction between “society,” the realm of voluntary action and interaction, and the State, with its monopoly on legalized, lethal force? You ever read—sorry, ever heard of the Constitution? You’re only “helping to train”? So the DHS, TSA and badged pigs are also brainwashing your students? Does that concern you? Because it sure as heck would concern me, were I one of those bright-eyed innocents.

And while I’m at it, Chris, let me excoriate you personally for furthering the lunacy that this “degree”—or the other “practical” ones you and your colleagues foist on a gullible public—has anything whatever to do with “education.” Mathematics, biology, botany, physics, literature, languages, philosophy, history: these are matters worth studying semester after semester. “Gate-Rape 101: Leave ‘Em in Tears With No Cranny Unpoked” blasphemes 4000 years of culture, intellectual progress, and refinement. Everlasting shame on you and the educational gulag’s other charlatans, Chris.

Finally, this “new degree” will rip off enrollees for the princely sum of $6100—and then it only “prepare[s] students for entry-level careers in the field of homeland security and emergency management.” Yep, after forking over several months’ pre-tax salary, these fools will merely rifle dirty laundry in passengers’ suitcases. But not to worry: barbarians with their “skills” will enjoy a wealth of “opportunities”: “U.S. Department of Labor statistics indicate that the need for emergency management professionals, protective service workers and police and sheriff’s patrol officers is likely to increase by more than 33 percent between now and 2018.” [Emphasis despairingly added: imagine a third more cops bullying, raping, robbing, and killing us over the next 5 years.]

And yet morons deny we live in a police-state.

10:11 am on August 23, 2013