Have You Seen ‘Catching Fire’?

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You know I’m biased towards any movie that shows The President (played by Donald Sutherland) as the most evil man on earth, but Catching Fire, the 2nd movie in the Hunger Games trilogy, also shows the state for the vicious parasite that it is. The denizens of the Capital live in great luxury at the expense of the ripped-off and terrorized people in the Districts, thanks to vast propaganda, hunger, and the military torturers called The Peacemakers. Jennifer Lawrence is again the star as Katniss, of course, but the addition of Philip Seymour Hoffman is welcome.

Are the humans doombed? Can an Americo-fascist dictatorship, with cultural and architectural touches of ancient Rome, be overthrown? I predict that young people will use the 3-finger freedom sign adopted in the movie, and for which the penalty is death.

Here are the 1st movie, the boxed trilogy, and Katniss’s bronze pin–all good Christmas presents for freedom-loving kids.

2:20 pm on December 3, 2013