Ex-CIA Officer Speaks Out in Detail About the Milan Kidnapping

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CIA operatives in Italy kidnapped a man and delivered him to Egypt where he was in prison for nearly 4 years without being charged and, I believe, tortured before being released for lack of any evidence. Italian prosecutors under the leadership of Armando Spataro made a case against the kidnappers and won it, trying them and convicting them in absentia. The U.S. recently spirited their convicted chief (Robert Seldon Lady) out of Panama, this being to keep him silent and to maintain a wall of silence about the high crimes of high U.S. government officials. These crimes, now known worldwide, have created a massive gulf between Washington’s rhetoric of justifiability and its crimes. These crimes and failing to face up to them are eroding Washington’s pretense of government legitimacy across the board.

Now an ex-CIA employee, Sabrina de Sousa, has spoken out in detail about what she knows. She says that this operation was pushed by the CIA station chief in Rome, Jeffrey Castelli, who was anxious to look good. It was approved by the head of the CIA (George Tenet), by Condoleezza Rice and by George W. Bush.

Ms. de Sousa has for years tried to reveal her knowledge through official channels, but to no avail. “Her pleas and letters, however, were ignored by successive U.S. intelligence leaders, the CIA inspector general’s office, members and staff of the House and Senate intelligence committees, Rice, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder, said De Sousa.”

Read the whole article for further information.

12:58 pm on August 1, 2013