Environmentalism is an Anti-Human Religion

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Growing up in Florida with relatives in the Florida Keys was great. We would drive down to visit every few months, and along with way see numerous signs reminding us not to speed, especially at night, in order to avoid hitting and killing the endangered Key Deer population.  The Key Deer were the rarest of breeds, with only a few hundred surviving just in the Florida Keys-an endangered species if ever there was one.  My Grandmother even volunteered at the National Key Deer Refuge. It was only in the late 1980’s when the environmentalists got the upper hand and started passing all sorts of no-development laws that I started to peel back the onion on a bizzaro green agenda. Grandma told me the rangers had admitted the only thing keeping the Key Deer population in check was traffic accidents. With no natural predators on the islands, the population would have exploded and then collapsed if it wasn’t for the occasional Chevy, Ford, or Honda. Then I  found out the Key Deer weren’t really a “species” in the scientific sense at all-they are a subspecies of white-tailed deer that had been naturally selected to be a little smaller and better swimmers.

So imagine my non-surprise to learn about the Desert Tortoise which is the cat’s paw for evicting Clive Bundy and his cattle from the Mojave Desert. The playbook is the same: Take an animal that is not really its own species, or is actually fine co-existing with humans or cattle, and use that to stop the use, enjoyment, and homesteading of raw land. In the Keys, this meant my relatives and others ended up with land lots they could neither develop nor sell, but still had to pay property taxes on as if they had some value. In Nevada, it means land is not to be sold to ranchers who have improved it with wells for their cattle (and turtles!), cleared it of predators, put it to productive use, and generally homesteaded it. Said ranchers are modern day tax serfs, subject to the whims of the Federal Government when they decide to raise the grazing fees.

In both instances the underlying agenda is the same: humans are an unwelcome parasite and land must be left undeveloped and undisturbed. This agenda is actively pushed by the greens both inside the government agencies and  without, who are unwilling to actually purchase the land and keep it “pristine”, preferring instead to use the power of the government to advance their goals. Note that global warming climate change is the mother of all green “stop the development” programs. No need to count endangered three toed glimmer newts, just declare the entire planet in trouble from a trace gas if we don’t shut down all power plants now and wait for the inevitable die off of 80% of humankind as our standard of living plummets.

9:18 pm on April 22, 2014