Do You Love the Government of China?

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How about Syria, Iran, or Saudi Arabia?

I ask this question because of a rant by neocon radio blabbermouth Marc Levin (“The Grate One”) that was recently brought to my attention.  In yet another temper tantrum aimed primarily at Ron Paul and all of us who do not want to see the U.S government start a war with nuclear-armed Russia, The Grate One screeched that we “hate Lincoln but love Putin.”

So there you have it.  If you don’t want another one of the neocons’ useless and barbaric wars, you must necessarily “love” the head of the government of the country they would like to nuke.

As for Lincoln, well, what’s not to hate about a monster who threatens “invasion and bloodshed” in his own country over tax collection in his first inaugural address; follows through with his threat; and micromanages a war that kills as many as 850,000 Americans while maiming for life more than double that amount, according to the latest research?  Not to mention his abolition of civil liberty in the North, mass imprisonment of war dissenters, his military conscription, shutting down hundreds of opposition newspapers, daily shooting of deserters from his army, recruitment of European criminals to murder fellow Americans, spying, censorship of the telegraph and mails, gigantic debt, record taxes, creation of an internal revenue service, waging war on civilians, murdering them by the tens of thousands, and much worse.  All of this is of course why neocons like Levin love and worship their “Father Abraham.”  All of this is what constitutes “leadership” and “statesmanship,” they say.


9:55 am on July 25, 2014