Death of a ‘Libertarian Fantasy’?

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I check because its writers hate libertarians and especially anarcho-capitalists. But once in a while, even they get something right. This time, they point out that advances in technology are no panacea for liberty, but are used by the State the better to control us. They like that. of course, but virtually no one holds the full opposite view. Hans-Hermann Hoppe, for example, points out that a relatively free-market economy has fueled the biggest empires, like England’s and the US’s. The socialist USSR just didn’t have the wherewithal. He also notes that advancing technology has always been adopted by the State for its own nefarious purposes. These are not reasons to oppose technological progress nor markets, needless to say, but rather just  another argument for keeping our eye on the ball, that is, on the State. The State is mankind’s greatest enemy on earth. That is what we must study, and teach. That is what more and more young people all over the globe are coming to see. Read Rothbard, and also this.

1:10 pm on June 15, 2014