Cutting the Ground from Beneath the Iran Bogeyman Crowd

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Implementing the Geneva agreement it made last year, Iran is diluting its 20% uranium cache to 5% under the eyes of the IAEA.

It would be nice to see those governments armed with nuclear bombs and missiles implement their agreements to reduce their numbers. It would be nice to see them reach some new accords to reduce and eliminate these weapons.

Iran’s action cuts some ground from beneath all those who have been calling for war against Iran. I expect they will shift gears now and emphasize Iran as a terror supporter or as an enemy of Israel via Hezbollah. The underlying problems that involve Israel remain unresolved. War is actually not in the interest of Israel, Iran, or any western country. Certain Arab oil-producing nations allied to the U.S., however, that have stoked conflict in Syria are more inclined not to be averse to seeing Iran attacked or invaded. The truth of these interests and machinations needs to be found out and brought out more clearly before the world before any kind of sensible resolution becomes feasible. The same goes in other regions in which the U.S. is involved. The public knowledge of who is doing what and why, and the roles of the U.S. when it inserts its money and forces there, are not anywhere near what they need to be so that public opinion can influence the governments of these states. There is way too much secrecy and misinformation being employed by all the state-actors. Foreign policy is more or less kept in the hands of ministries of foreign affairs. Only via fairly inaccessible academic works of a specialized kind does the public get glimmers of what goes on. If one actually believes in democracy’s public forum of ideas, public opinion and public influence, then government of foreign affairs is one area where the public is basically kept in the dark.

8:33 am on January 20, 2014