Criminal Confessions

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The sexual assault the TSA dishes out at airports is comparable to what “detainees” at Gitmo suffer, according to “DOJ lawyer Edward Himmelfarb…Politico reports that he drew the analogy before a “three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit [as it] heard arguments on several lawsuits filed by detainees who complained that new search procedures are too intrusive and discourage them from meeting their lawyers. Detainees and their lawyers say the searches are particularly repugnant to the prisoners because they’re Muslim and the intrusion of their genital areas offends religious commandments regarding modesty.”

Trust the DOJ’s stooge to pooh-pooh such delicacy. “…it’s basically like a TSA search at the airport,” Himmelfarb declared as though gate-rape is no big deal. “The genital area is touched through the clothing with a flat hand, the way the TSA does.” Yep, that’s the government’s defense. What have we become, that we tolerate tyrants this depraved?

Meanwhile, the lawyer representing Gitmo’s inmates described an assault familiar to passengers: “…The guard feels the detainee’s penis, cups the detainee’s testicles, and feels inside the detainee’s crotch.”

As Politico dryly notes, it’s “unclear from a public relations perspective whether it would be best for the federal government to suggest that airline passengers and law-of-war detainees at Guantanamo are being treated in similar fashion.” Hey, no problem: we serfs already suspected as much.

9:52 pm on December 13, 2013