Chris Christie: Drug-War Opponent?

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In his second inaugural address, New Jersey governor Chris Christie made this statement about the war on drugs: “We will end the failed war on drugs that believes that incarceration is the cure of every ill caused by drug abuse. We will make drug treatment available to as many of our non-violent offenders as we can and we will partner with our citizens to create a society that understands that every life has value and no life is disposable.”

What are we to make of this?

Some are making much of this statement, but I am withholding my applause. First of all, Christie is a lying politician (or do I repeat myself). Should we take at face value anything he or any other politician says? Certainly not. Second, does this mean that Christie favors the legalization of all drugs? Certainly not. Third, does this mean that Christie is a libertarian? Certainly not. Fourth, if this is all we have to go on, can we really get a complete and accurate picture of Christie’s views on the drug war? Certainly not. And fifth, does this mean that we can now vote for Christie for governor or president? Certainly not.

What is for certain is that this statement is too brief and too vague to make much of it. I will give him credit for at least not wanting to lock up every drug user and throw away the key like most Republicans.

8:36 pm on January 25, 2014