Carl Oglesby, RIP

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Eric Garris, webmaster at LRC and, has written a laudatory tribute to the ‘60s antiwar leader, historian, and activist Carl Oglesby. Along with Murray N. Rothbard, Oglesby was one of the courageous pioneers prophetically calling for a left/right coalition challenging the corporate welfare-warfare state. It is out of this fusion of New Left and Old Right that the modern libertarian movement was born. Such a commonality of principled interests and beliefs remains the guiding spirit of the Ron Paul Revolution, uniting persons of every age, background, social class, and ethnicity, in seeking peace, prosperity, and freedom. Carl Oglesby was one of the great historical synthesizers of the 1960s. His powerful book, The Yankee and Cowboy War, had a tremendous impact on me. It brought home the absolutely seminal importance of understanding the coup d’état of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy within the dynamic of 20th Century power politics of the National Security State.

8:27 am on September 17, 2011