Betcha This Government Is Learning To Fear Its Serfs

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Following their tremendous victory in ousting two of Colorado’s dictators, the Basic Freedom Defense Fund (BFDF) and Pueblo Freedoms and Rights (PFR) have drawn a bead on more tyrants. They’re “polling all Colorado legislators to gauge their support for repealing the very gun laws at the heart of the recalls.

The tone of the questionnaire these folks are sending politicians is especially heartening: polite but insistent, courteous but commanding. From between the lines leaps the warning, “Answer this, and do it before our deadline of Sept. 30, because if you don’t, we’ll eject you from your cushy position, too.”

So refreshing to see taxpayers dictating to the leeches rather than the other way around! (Thanks to Bill Martin for the link.)

10:57 am on September 14, 2013