Another Freakin’ Bush?

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In WaPo stories such as this one, the National Security elites are delicately and discretely letting us lesser mortals and mere mundanes know who they demand to be coronated as the next Grand Pooh-Bah and Ruler of the Universe. It seems that a full court press is on to “humanize” and create a new spin on the legacy of the Bush dynasty. For what purpose?  To have Jeb Bush appear as “the man on the white horse” come to save the Party as its legacy nominee and in the name of party unity, seize the GOP nomination from any fractious Tea Party stalking horse distrusted by the party’s oligarchy. Bush, like his celebrated kith and kin, definitely has the appropriate criminal background to be Plunderer-in Chief.

The Washington Post has long held a close relationship within the DC Beltway power elite Establishment. None of this has been altered with the recent change of ownership. In the 1950s under the direction of CIA director Allen Dulles, the Agency formulated a vast strategic program for infiltrating and manipulating the American news media. The plan was designated “Operation Mockingbird.” It was devised by Frank Wisner, director of the Office of Policy Coordination, the covert action arm of the CIA; his aide Richard Helms; and by Washington Post publisher Phillip Graham. Graham committed suicide in August of 1963 after reported mental instability and ravings about CIA manipulation of journalists. His estranged wife Katherine Graham took control of the Post. Katherine was daughter of Washington powerbroker Eugene Meyer, who was chairman of the War Finance Board under Woodrow Wilson, chairman of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation under Herbert Hoover,  Governor of the Federal Reserve Board under Franklin Roosevelt, and President of the World Bank under Harry Truman. Meyer purchased the Post in 1933. Meyer’s great-granddaughter Katharine Weymouth now serves as publisher and chief executive officer. 

Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, who supervised Woodward and Bernstein’s Watergate investigations, was well connected in Washington circles of power. He had been a close friend of President Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline. In fact, Bradlee’s sister-in-law, Mary Pinchot Meyer, former wife of high-ranking CIA counter-intelligence official Cord Meyer, had a sexual affair with JFK, allegedly involving the use of Marijuana and LSD. Mary Pinchot Meyer was mysteriously murdered in 1964. Richard Helms, instrumental in the creation of “Operation Mockingbird,” was a close friend of Bradlee’s since childhood. Helms was CIA director during the Watergate Scandal. He was later convicted for lying to Congress concerning CIA activities in Chile.

Woodward, former Naval Intelligence elite briefing officer of the highest ranking officials of the National Security Council and the Pentagon, is now assoCIAte editor of the Post. In the over forty years since the Watergate Scandal he has built his career reputation as author of a series of best-selling books on America’s military/intelligence Establishment.

 Bob Woodward has indeed proved to be a good and faithful servant to those secret forces within the corridors of power of the National Security Establishment responsible for the downfall of Richard Nixon, and loyal to the elusive man which contributed so much to building that reputation, W. Mark Felt. Such loyalty or Omertà is a major virtue of the DC elite. 

The Post is once again demonstrating its loyalty to the Bush Dynasty by boosting the candidacy of heir apparent Jeb.

3:13 pm on March 31, 2014