Hillary Clinton’s Irresponsible Lie

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An hour ago, I trashed a potential blog. All it said was that a few days back I had referred to neocons in office in Washington as “brainless warmongering idiots” and now the recent statements out of Washington made about Russia and Ukraine plus the Paet-Ashton conversation underscored those extreme words. Their incompetence and simple-mindedness indeed knows no bounds. At the same time, the neocons continue to tell their simple lies because the American press continues to parrot them.

Now, I read that Hillary Clinton is comparing Putin to Hitler! Others like McCain and Rubio have said the same. Rubio, by the way, has been mentioned as presidential timber.

This is an immensely irresponsible charge (lie). An incredible lie, as Hillary Clinton well knows! Hitler, after all, laid out his expansion goals and plans years before coming to office. He constructed his military and political maneuvers around those goals. He built up his military by huge amounts, mobilizing the whole country to his militaristic ends.

Where is the evidence that Putin has anything like such a predatory policy in mind? Has he built up the military? Is he mobilizing Russia for military conquests?

In fact, the opposite is the case. I refer the reader to the wikipedia entry on the Russian Armed Forces. Russia is DOWNSIZING its military by very large percentages!

Hillary Clinton is an outrageous liar. She’s a demagogue seeking political advantage.

All this making of political hay by U.S. politicians is because Putin took some small steps, as state applications of force go, and with much more of a basis than the U.S. has had in its much larger applications of force and deadly sanctions in a far off place like Iraq. Certainly Russia under Putin has made no deadly threats backed up by sanctions such as those the U.S. has made against Iran, another far off country in which the U.S. has no national security interest.

4:41 pm on March 5, 2014