Amnesty the CIA

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Writes Stan Warford:

Amnesty International asked me recently on a survey, “If you are considering not renewing your membership, please tell us why.” Here was my reply:

I will not renew my membership because AI’s support of Bradley Manning was too little, too late. Not to mention the anti-Assange bias you have lending credence to the trumped up Swedish charges. Really now, taking up the cause of Pussy Riot in Russia, giving them all that publicity when Manning, who really needed it, was languishing in jail? What a waste.

From my perspective, you have caved in to the special interests of the US government, treading softly with them and their allies and jumping on the abuses of their designated enemies. I even notice that one of your options on this questionnaire is “Amnesty’s investigative efforts to shine a light on war crimes being committed in Syria.” Talk about a drumbeat for war! We heard this blather before in the runup to Iraq. If you are so interested in war crimes, why are you so accommodating to the war crimes committed by the United States?

It’s a shame. I have been a proud member for decades, but no longer.

8:41 am on August 29, 2013