Ammo Envy?

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Perhaps jealous of the DHS with its immense stockpile of ammo, the TSA also “intends to purchase almost 3.5 million rounds of .357 SIG caliber training ammunition, according to a solicitation issued by the agency on August 16.”

Yep, imbecilic, incompetent LaWanda shooting up a rodeo, concert or airport is the stuff of nightmares. Why does anyone consider freelance criminals a bigger threat than the official ones Our Rulers send against us? And no, the Thieves and Sexual Assailants do not currently carry. But of course the corporate media accuses those who ask why an agency of unarmed nincompoops needs ammo of being conspiracy nuts.

The TSA’s lust for weaponry is particularly ironic given the arsenal it steals from passengers: “Nationwide, 1,525 firearms were seized at airports last year.” My Google Alerts on the TSA regularly chronicle the lives this despotism ruins, with folks innocent of any crime or malice arrested and jailed. Here are two such incidents from today’s list alone.

But that doesn’t end the agency’s wickedness: it uses its initial theft of a weapon not only as an excuse to further rob passengers (“those arrested with guns paid $1.8 million in fines to the federal government last year”) but for its sorry existence, implying that armed passengers are turrists rather than citizens exercising their inalienable right to keep and bear — or, more usually, folks who simply forgot they’d packed heat before heading to the airport. And while we’re on the subject, let me vent about the morons who insist that such absent-mindedness should strip a man of that inalienable right. Yo, Morons: do any of you have even the foggiest clue as to what “inalienable” means? Our Rulers have no constitutional authority whatsoever to permit some of us to keep and bear while depriving others of that power. Nor can they revoke a “gift” they may not bestow in the first place.

Meanwhile, as the ammo companies are counting their millions from the DHS’s purchase, how refreshing if this time they’d refuse to sell to these sociopaths, a la various manufacturers of guns. Imagine hearing even a couple of them proclaim they will not arm Our Rulers against us! Customers of those companies should make known their displeasure with the Feds, then take their business elsewhere if their supplier does indeed cooperate with the obscene, unconstitutional, and utterly evil TSA.

10:32 am on August 20, 2013