All Hail Rick Perry!

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The Maryland political establishment– by far the zaniest left-wingers in state and local politics in America — is in a state of hyperventilation and panic over a new television ad by Governor Rick Perry of Texas.  Tired of every last dime being wrung out of your business by Maryland taxes?, asks the governor, “then think about Texas.”  It’s always a good thing for society, but bad for our rulers, when at least one of them decides it’s a good idea to compete by lowering taxes.  (Maryland state government is so tax crazed that it recently imposed a “rain tax” based on the size of the roof on one’s business establishment under the crackpot theory that rain running off your roof will pollute the Chesapeake Bay.  The bigger the roof, the higher the tax).

In its usual carnival of stupidity, the Baltimore Sun editorial board immediately responded with an editorial hilariously accusing Texas of having only “low paying jobs with no benefits.”  Sounds like your typical Baltimore Sun employment package for all those freelance reporters.

UPDATE:  Cory A. writes that he moved to Austin, Texas last year to take a great new job with Paypal/Ebay which he says is “expanding dramatically.”  As is a new Apple facility in Austin, along with Visa, with 800  new jobs.  These are all well-paying jobs, he says.  In addition, Austin has become “the” place to go if you want a career in the music industry.  Such people “don’t go to Baltimore,” he says.

10:20 am on September 12, 2013