Again: U.S. Should Get Out of Ukraine Politics and Economics

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This video is less interesting than the strong comments beneath it. They express very strong feelings backed up by very strong political attitudes from all sides of the spectrum in Ukraine and nearby lands. Many hostile comments are directed against the U.S.

Americans cannot benefit from any steps that the U.S. government has taken in Ukraine. Americans can’t benefit from seeing their government spending billions to create a democracy in that land or to install a government to the liking of neocons in Washington or to create problems for Russia or to push NATO onto Russia’s borders. Americans cannot benefit from a new era of Cold War-like confrontation and incessant tensions. Americans cannot benefit by moving its military into the region. Americans cannot benefit from lending Ukraine 17 billion dollars via the IMF. Americans cannot benefit from placing sanctions on Russians and Russian companies. Americans cannot benefit from browbeating Putin with unrealistic demands. Americans cannot benefit from isolating Russia.

What is more, even if the U.S. government with its neocon policies and measures aimed to make the situation better in Ukraine, those policies have a huge disconnect with the various conflicting peoples in the region. That is what is shown by the wide range of angry comments and hostile comments arising from all sorts of perceptions of history and politics. The policies of the U.S. government are disconnected from the reality of the divisions in Ukraine.

The U.S. cannot peacefully control any region that has deep divisions among various peoples within it, nor can it do so by force of arms. This has been made clear in places like Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Afghanistan and Somalia. In fact, U.S. activities typically contributed toward exacerbating divisions, as they certainly have in Ukraine.

Once we get away from the warped perspective of the neocons in Washington, it is easy to understand that the U.S. government had no business butting into Ukraine and still doesn’t. What it has done and is doing serves only the supporters of aggressive U.S. empire.

8:03 am on May 3, 2014