A Tale of Two Cities: Fallujah and Aleppo

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Iraqi army forces intensified their shelling of Fallujah over the past couple of days in attempt to dislodge control from an al-Qaeda affiliate that last month overran the city and most of the Anbar region in which it lies.

US Secretary of State John Kerry pledged support to Iraq in its efforts to expel al-Qaeda from Fallujah and Anbar, promising the US would do “everything that is possible” to help the Maliki government take on al-Qaeda in Iraq. The US has already sent at least 75 “Hellfire” missiles and promised to send in drones as well.


Syrian government forces intensified shelling of Aleppo over the last couple of days in attempt to dislodge control of parts of the area from various al-Qaeda affiliates who overran that city.

US Secretary of State John Kerry condemned Syrian government actions against al-Qaeda affiliates, stating, “There is no way, not possible in the imagination, that the man who has led the brutal response to his own people could regain legitimacy to govern.”

The US government has pledged support to the Syrian rebels in their efforts to expel the Syrian government from power, with US Congress voting recently — in secret — to step up military assistance to the Syrian rebels. Though the assistance is advertised as going to only the “moderate” factions, numerous reports confirm that US military equipment routinely winds up in the hands of the al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria.

Thus John Kerry and the Obama regime enters into the world of the clinically insane: sending weapons to attack the same al-Qaeda in Iraq that it arms in neighboring Syria. It is the foreign policy equivalent of Caligula naming his horse Incitatus a consul.

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10:12 pm on February 3, 2014